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20 K-pop songs: the best of 2020




20 K-pop songs: the best of 2020

Without a doubt, 2020 was one of the most successful years for K-Pop. Millions of people have opened up to enjoy the South Korean style of music. These are some of the 20 K-pop songs that made the biggest impact this year.

The world now has one-click access to various entertainment suggestions. The internet is one of the most widely used tools to travel to different countries without leaving your home.

He K-pop It’s a style of music that has grown in strength a lot this year. Music and online streaming platforms are seeing an increase in listeners for bands like EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, Bts and Stray children.

2020 left us incredibly Songs We also saw big stars from groups of girls, men and soloists debut on the entertainment stages of South Korea, What was your favorite song of the year?

Then we will leave you 20 songs of Korean pop This surprised the international public with her style, her mix of sounds, her amazing looks and her interesting choreography year.

Kpop: How Much Do You Know?



The boys from Bts They wowed the music world with a retro flair and their English single, which made it to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Not shy

The JYP Entertainment released ‘Not shy’ and was a great success because of its colorful and daring look.

90’s Love

The Subunit from the group New culture technology caught the attention of the music world with a concept inspired by retro and sporty hip hop.


The first Subunit of Red Velvet demonstrated his energy on stage with an elegant, mysterious and dark song that represented the artistic essence of Seulgi and Irene.

God’s Menu

The boys from Stray Kids remained true to theirs style powerful, they released various singles, one of the most important was’God’s menu ‘ with energetic rape and demanding choreography.

Blue Hour

Blue Hour‘ of TXT It’s a fun song with a more mature and mystical side to the group represented by Big Hit Entertainment agency.

Soul Lady

Yukika, the soloist of Korean pop, returned to the characteristic sounds of the City pop genre and included her in the promo song ‘Soul Lady’. Listen to them:


Taemin is a benchmark within the K-pop industry, the member of SHINee released two albums and wowed audiences with the haunting, hard and strong style of ‘Criminal ‘.


Baekhyun The EXO member, released his second solo album and promoted with the theme ‘Sweets ‘, a flirty song and ideal for dancing.


The sound of DREAM CATCHER It is one of the most highlighted styles within the K-pop, ‘Scream‘was the perfect mix of modern sounds mixed with rock.

I can’t stop me

TWICE, the JYP female group, stayed in its cute but risky aesthetic when it was released ‘I can’t stop me‘, a track with a retro touch and synthesizers.


This 2020 the members of The boyz released ‘Reveal’, a subject that defined his style well with organized choreography, steady singing and amazing raps.

How you like that

The first single from the album ‘THE ALBUM’ caught the attention of the female power lovers, the members showed their characteristic contagious sound and their epic phrases.

Love Killa

The members of MONSTA X managed to be the bad guys for the record material of ‘Love Killa’, a song full of interesting sounds.


The BTS member released his second solo mixtape ‘Daechwita‘ that was inspired by the sounds of traditional South Korea instruments combined with modern melodies.


Breath‘ from Got7 was characterized by the great interpretations of the members of the boys group, the whistles gave the track a fun and bold note.


Apple‘ marks a before and after of Gfriend group. The Idols showed a darker and more daring side. They showed their growth as Artists, Singers, dancers and rappers.

Black Mamba

AESPA was one of the most awaited debuts by K-pop lovers and fans, the artists took to the stage with ‘Black Mamba’.


The members of the group SEVENTEEN worked on the song ‘Home;Run’ to showcase classic styles like jazz, R&B and a little bit of hip-hop.


‘Maria’ was MAMAMOO’s second song as a soloist where she talks about her strength as a person and a K-pop artist.

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