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5 reasons why Jisoo and Rosé have the perfect friendship





5 reasons why Jisoo and Rosé have the perfect friendship

Jisoo and Rosé have given us unforgettable moments and have become role models for friendship by sharing a bond that we all want to experience.

The Idols from K-pop They share a lot more than their experiences on stage. In all cases, the members of a group were training partners for a long time and even lived in the same bedrooms. Hence it is inevitable that a friendly connectionbut among the many cases that we have observed is the union of Jisoo and Rosé it has a special touch.

How they worked to become Idolswho have favourited 4 members of BLACKPINK They found something unique in their peers, none better than them, for understanding the challenges they faced every day, which resulted in them getting along, making a good connection and teamwork.

Jisoo and Rosé They have great friendship and they show it in every interaction they have, but some of these traits make us think they have a connection that we too would love to experience with another special person.

Read on to find out why Friendship from Jisoo Y. rose steals the look of fans.

BLACKPINK’s friendly gestures from Jisoo and Rosé

The Friendship of this Idols showed us how they trust each other and recognize their qualities, creating an environment of comfort and trust between them. They can easily praise one another and recognize each other’s potential, a clear example is found when rose told Jisoo in an interview that she was very pretty and that purple hair suits her very well. so I could keep it

They have their own ways to have fun Jisoo is known to improvise songs according to the situation she lives in, however rose Just follow your game and join your melody. The same thing happens when one of them unexpectedly starts dancing, which is evidence of how well they complement each other.

These Idols are experts in affection. When they’re together, don’t hesitate to hug each other tightly, hold hands, and even hold your waist as you walk so as not to part. Not only is it a sign of affection, but it also shows your connectedness and protective personality.


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Jisoo and Rosé have shown that they motivate and help each other, for example when rose He congratulated his partner on being a great MC or on helping each other on stage with the difficulties they may face, such as failures with their microphones. Furthermore, Jisoo She is always responsible for comforting her coworkers when their emotions are difficult to control.

In the event that the qualities of your friendship were not enough, Jisoo and Rosé It’s amazing to be able to take photos together that reflect their love and style, highlight the qualities of each one and show that they are an iconic duo.

We told you that recently BLACKPINK is preparing a great project worldwide and Mexico will be part of it.

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