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6 TWICE songs that have been unsurpassed for fans




6 TWICE songs that have been unsurpassed for fans

TWICE has a unique style that can captivate K-pop fans. We will tell you which of their singles became our favorites because they are unmatched.

The female group from JYP Entertainment has received great recognition both inside and out South Korea. In addition to a variety of awards for their music releases, the girls from TWICE They won the audience’s affection through their music. What are yours best songs?

There are features that are present in all of them TWICE songs and that was part of the charm with which the girls took over the industry K-pop. At first it is Idol group Concepts were presented that tended towards cuteness but have evolved over time without losing their distinctive style.

The energy that TWICE contagious with his music is unique, so no one can resist him Songs. The group’s achievements are recognized by all the group’s fans K-pop, but there are some tunes that stand out and that we now consider as insurmountable.

The best TWICE songs that you can’t stop hearing

That era was very meaningful and emotional for him. ELEVEN. Feeling special has a message of friendship and affection that not only reflects the bond between the girls from TWICE, also hugged his fans and encouraged them to overcome any difficulties. The sound of song It is not far behind as it is powerful and full of energy.


It’s an addicting electro-pop tune that hasn’t left fans as yet. Likey has a choreography that you can find some easy steps to identify and replicate that add extra points for all fans who want to dance like the girls TWICE.


Is song has a summery vibe that will grab you. Like other promo singles TWICEIt’s a melody with sweet voices and a happy mood, but it has distinctive elements that add a touch of freshness to this era.


This melody shows us a very cheesy side of TWICE and the girls are even shown surrounded by hearts in the music video. This song was part of the group’s initial repackaging and can provide a dose of joy that is hard to resist.


This was one of the first eras of TWICE and made the great potential of very clear Idol groupIt’s a love tune with an energy that may seem adorable, but the girls showed a contrast in styles within the video. The song was a success and proof of this is that it is known to all fans of the to this day K-pop.


If there is a … song from TWICE who takes the crown as unsurpassed Fancy. Not only did this tune garner impressive numbers upon release, but it remained hugely popular for the months that followed. Fancy has managed to catch fans of the K-pop and music in general, which demonstrates the power of its rhythmic melody and style of TWICEThe group took a drastic turn in their concept and showed that they were ready for evolution.

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