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9 K-Pop Idols Who Are Totally Cat Lovers




It seems like dogs get the most attention in the pet world, but cats definitely deserve all of the love, too! If you are a cat lover looking for your crowd, look no further. These nine K-pop idols are crazy about cats too!

9 K-Pop Idols Who Are Totally Cat Lovers

1. NCT Jeno

NCT’s Jeno may have a cat allergy, but that won’t stop him! He has three cats at home and he absolutely loves them. Keep an eye on NCT’s Instagram accounts for updates on his lovely feline friends Bongshik, Seol, and Nal.

2. Hyolyn

9 K-Pop Idols Who Are Totally Cat Lovers

Power vocal queen Hyolyn has owned a number of cats throughout her music career and she shows them off in photo shoots as often as she can! Your cats are her favorite model friends.

3. Got7 JB

When Got7 was featured in this MTV News interview, group leader JB revealed his not-so-hidden secret: he’s a total cat person! He currently has five cats at home and he loves them all.

4. Dreamcatcher Handong

Dreamcatcher’s lovely singer Handong is such a cat lover that she even spent her birthday at a cat café with quite a few of them hanging out! Every cat fan dreams of a birthday party like Handong.

5. Stray Kids Lee Know

Lee Know from Stray Kids is undoubtedly a cat lover! He has three lovely cats at home named Soonie, Doongie, and Dori, and while they have their own fan clubs, Lee Know definitely has the title of Fan Club President. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with such cute cats!

6. Kyulkyung

Former IOI and PRISTIN member Kyulkyung is so dedicated to her cats that she has earned the title “Katzenbutler”! Her love for her two cats Mumu and Lulu is absolutely adorable.

7. Kang Daniel

Solo star Kang Daniel is another idol who is a self-proclaimed cat person. He has adopted four cats so far and there is always room for more. Check out his Instagram for more adorable cat content!


BLACKPINK’s Maknae Lisa has some of the most beautiful cats in the K-Pop world! Her four cats Lily, Leo, Luca and Louis are just as beautiful as their owner.

9. MONSTA X Joohoney

In classic cat fashion, the rapper Joohoney from MONSTA X even started an Instagram page dedicated to his two cats Yoshi and Gucci! They are natural Instagram models.

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