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All K-dramas series that will be released in 2021




All K-dramas series that will be released in 2021

When you see all of the K-dramas premieres in 2021, Korean entertainment will be ready to release new original and Webtoon-based stories.

The korean industry hasn’t stopped in 2020 and it seems it already has plans for 2021 that actor will continue to steal the eyes of fans with new projects, Song Kang and Gong Yoo will be as well Idols from Got7, SF9, APRIL, among other things, they show their facets as actor for the following year.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo She is also preparing for her acting debut “Snow Drop”, drama This will tell the life of a girl at a female university who will meet an intruder, a boy with a secret past who hides in the dormitories. The story was written by an inmate.

The Dramas and series that will premiere in 2021 They promise a lot of drama, action, fantasy and love. Netflix also opted for new content and will update its catalog with new ones korean stories. Above that Webtoons, There is still no confirmation for the premiere or adaptation, nor whether they will hit the streaming platform, however “Love alert” It will be a title that has a lot to tell about as it is one of the most anticipated sequels and there will be a sequel to other dramas as well.

Your schedule will be full of new dramas, the weekend marathons will not be missing In 2021 we will leave you a list of the next Korean premieres.



Cast: Song Joong Ki and Jun Teo Bin
Action drama that chronicles the life of Park Joo Hyung, a lawyer who works as an advisor to the mob. His name is Vincenzo Casano and he decides to move to South Korea when a gang war breaks out. There he meets veteran Hong Cha Young, who is always trying to win her cases.

Fly High Butterlfy

Actor: Kim Hyagn Gi
Romance that tells the life of Gi Bbeum and a group of people working on an aesthetic. The group of friends and colleagues will be faced with various situations that will cause them to develop their self-esteem.

Oh Master!

Actors: Lee Miun Ki and Nana
Drama that records the life of Han Bi Soo, a drama and suspense series writer who does not notice love. Oh Joo In is a popular actress who starred in love stories without hers. For some reason they both live on the same roof.

Mount Jiri

Cast: Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon
Mystery drama that tells the lives of some rangers who save people on Mount Jiri; However, Kang Hyun Jo, a newcomer, is hiding a great secret from his partner Seo Yi Gang.

All of us are Dead

Starring: Yoon Chan and Park Ji Hoo
Drama and fantasy drama that tells the life of a group of students who will fight for survival. When a zombie pandemic hits the city, they are locked up in their school.

D.P Dog day

Actors: Jung Hae and Goo Kyo Hwan
Dorama telling the life of An Joon, a soldier with a calm personality but his talent leads him to be part of the DP team responsible for keeping deserters out of the army.

Law School

Actors: Kim Myung Min and Ryu Hye Young
Legal drama that tells the lives of law students who will find that justice and law are not so easy to enforce, and therefore face challenges and torments that will lead them to despair.

Dear M.

Actors: Park Hye Soo and Jae Hyun
School romance drama that chronicles the life of Ma Joo Ah, a student with no experience or interest in love. You and your friends will focus on finding someone known as M.


Actors: Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon
Crime and mystery drama that tells the life of a psychopath and how life’s problems can be solved if you act dangerously. The story revolves around technology that enables babies with bad mental behavior not to be born.


Cast: Ji Jin Hee and Yun Woo Jin
Crime drama that tells the life of Han Jung Hyun, a lawyer facing a very difficult case: proving a man’s innocence before he is sentenced to death, and the past of his old marriage haunts her.


Starring: Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun
Action drama that tells the life of a group of undercover cops and agents. Yoon Ji Woo has to dress up to solve his father’s death, but he’s not the good one, he’s an organized group criminal.

The Silent Sea

Protagonists: Gong Yoo and Bae Doona
Suspense drama that will tell human life in the future. There are no more natural resources on earth, but a trip to the moon could end the famine and war for food.

I Wish the World will end Tomorrow

Protagonists: Got7’s Youngjae and G (I) -DLE’s Minnie
School drama that tells the life of a group of foreign students and their vices in the school home.

Round Six

Actors: Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo
Mystery drama that tells the life of a group of people who, without motivation, create a deadly game in which the survivor wins $ 10 million.

Move to Heaven

Actors: Lee Je Hoon and Tang Jun Sang
Family drama that tells the life of Guru, a character who suffers the loss of his father and has to live with his uncle after the loss of a loved one. They both decide to start a funeral home and learn the experience of life and death.


Cast: Yoo Ah In and Park Junh Min
Suspense drama that tells the life of a group of people trying to survive a natural disaster that consists in predicting death and turning you into an angel or a demon.


Actors: Kim Soo Hyun and Jan Ji Wan
Suspense drama that tells the life of an interior designer who keeps a great secret about his personality.

Arthdal Chronicles 2

Actors: Jang Don Gun and Song Joong Ki
The sequel will continue to show the adventures of the inhabitants of the mystical land of Arth.

Love Alarm 2

Protagonists: Song Kang and Kim so Hyun
Romance that tells the life of Kim Jo Jo, a girl who broke up with her high school boyfriend. The sequel shows the future of the protagonist and her ex-boyfriend Hwang Sun Oh, while the Love Alarm application continues to match couples.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Actors: Jun Ji Hyun and Park Byung Eun
Spin off from “Kingdom” This will tell the story behind the resurrection plant and the past of King Jun, a mysterious character within the series.

The Sweet Blood

Starring: Song Chae Yoon and Kim Eo Jin
Dorama, which tells the life of a human girl who falls in love with a vampire, is based on the Webtoon of the same name, but the story will be different from the original

Mr. Robin

Actor: Lee Sun Kyun
Dorama telling the story of a scientist who uses his intellect to commit a dark act: to infiltrate the brain of a dead man.

Are you leaving?

Protagonists: Chani from SF9 and Park Jung Yeon
Romantic drama that tells the life of a 20-year-old couple who have always known each other. The protagonist is a musician from ancient times and a street performer who lives in the modern world.


Protagonists: Yunho from ATEEZ, Jung Ji So and Hwiyoung from SF9
Dorama inspired by the K-pop industry that tells the life of Korean entertainment idols and the industry.


Protagonists: Song Kang
Dance drama that tells the life of a boy who loves football and discovers a new passion in ballet. His path crosses with an older man who is trying to fulfill his dream.

Deluxe taxi

Stars: APRILs Lee Je Hoon and Nae Eun
A mystery drama that tells the life of employees who seek revenge under the facade of taxi drivers.


Actor: Ji Chang Wook
Dorama that will tell the life of Yoon Ah, a character who fails in her dream of becoming a magician, but when she meets someone with the same powers as her, she will fight to be the best sorceress.

A terrifying cohabitation

Actors: Jang Ki Yong and Lee Hye Ri
Fantasy drama that tells the life of Shin Woo Yeo, a teacher who hides his true identity: He is a gumiho. He loses his pearl after an accident with a university student, and the two protagonists are in danger if they do nothing to get it back.

Yummi’s Cells

Fantasy drama that tells the life of a woman named Yumi, whose cells in her head have a life of their own.


Actor: Chae Taehyun
The suspenseful drama that tells the life of a student with a dark secret. His parents are unaware of the darkness that surrounds him.

I Know But…

Protagonists: Song Kang and Han So Hee
Romantic drama that tells the life of Na Bi, a character who doesn’t believe in love but longs for a romantic date. On the flip side, there’s Jae Eon who, despite dating, wants a serious relationship.

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