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Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-Pop?





Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-Pop?¿Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-pop?

¿Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-pop? Internet users in South Korea are passionate about this topic. According to many of them Bts They are the kings ofl K-pop for its popularity, album sales and broadcasts Youtube and other platforms.

Hands down the numbers and the social impact it has Bts are undeniable, and among the boys’ groups the K-pop nobody denies his leadership.

Among the groups of Idols feminine things are different. Though many fans think so BLACKPINK is the best group of K-pop To date, there has been a very large stream of internet users betting on it TWICE. Although BLACKPINK has more international projection and are the queens of YouTube and Instagram, TWICE dominates album sales and merchandising and accounts for almost 70% of the groups’ total income K-pop Female. The controversy is served. What do you think about it? Leave your opinion in the video comment!

Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-Pop?

On the other hand, the new subunit of BTOB, Call BTOB 4 U.broke an iTunes record with his mini-album WITHIN. The album reached number 1 on the iTunes Top Album Charts in 13 countries including Taiwan, the Dominican Republic, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, El Salvador, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Kong.

Congratulations to the guys on this great achievement!

If you keep an eye on the records, it turns out that the debut music video was for AESPA, Black mamba exceeded 20 million views on YouTube. It is the Korean K-pop group’s fastest music video to reach this milestone.


Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-Pop?

Furthermore, Big Hit Entertainment has officially announced the takeover of the agency Zico, Koz Entertainment. In the following statement Bang si hyuk said the following:

I am happy to be accompanied by Zico, the best producer and artist in Korea. I hope that KOZ artists will actively compete in the world market through Big Hit’s global network and music production system. I look forward to the synergy Big Hit and KOZ they will create together.

What do you think of this merger? Leave your message in the comment box 🙂

Are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-Pop?

Regarding the news of Korean dramas, the new kdrama of JTBC, Live on The first episode aired and it turned out to have very modest viewership of around 1.3% Nielsen Korea. east romantic drama about a high school radio club This prepared by Min Hyun Y. Jung Da Am from NU’EST.

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What do you think, are BTS and BLACKPINK the legends of K-Pop?

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