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ATEEZ’s Hongjoong debuts in a passionate Linkin Park cover




ATEEZ Hongjoong debuts in a passionate Linkin Park cover

ATEEZ’s YouTube channel shared a new clip in which Hongjoong covered Numb and added details to create a version of this tune that is very much in keeping with his musical style.

The clip starts with the idol We stand in front of a mirror and watch how her outfit changes. In the midst of a dark and smoky aura around her, Hongjoong reaches for the microphone and his voice takes over the melody as his performance begins.

His creativity and style of music gave us a few Korean rap verses in the middle of the song, from which this version was born Deaf in a very special for ATINY.

Hongjoong’s appearance attracts fans’ attention

During his performance, Hongjoong wearing an accessory that simulates a red plaid half skirt. This garment goes perfectly with her black outfit with used-look jeans and a biker-style jacket with shiny silver fasteners and snaps.

Previously the idol had already worn check designs in various shades and textures of denim, the response of fans was extremely positive, so the idol decided to return to the trend and once again conquered his followers with this striking and charming look.

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