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“Border: Day One”: ENHYPEN unveils medley for debut album




"Border: Day One": ENHYPEN unveils medley for debut album

ENHYPEN, the new boy band from BigHit and Mnet, will make their debut with “Border: Day One” and reveal the first previews of the songs.

The reality show that sought the next generation of idols is about to unveil its first K-pop group. ENHYPEN already revealed several teasers for his first one First albumThe newcomers to the industry are just a week away from fulfilling their idol dream after passing various tests I-LANDwhere they turned out to be the best.

Via their official social networks, ENHYPEN published the Medley from “Edge: Day One”, his first album as K-pop group. The guys have also put their official glow stick up for sale, which consists of a black lamp with a minimalist design as it shows a white light bar in a plastic ball.

The New group To celebrate their comeback on November 30th, members received advice from idols like SEVENTEEN and BTS after passing some tests of the survival show. ENGENE is looking forward to their debut, because the spoilers of all six songs show a multitude of rhythms that promise a hit.


The Medley from ENHYPEN shows that the new K-pop idols They prepared in all areas of the industry: rap, dance and singing. The first song you can hear TIGHT His “Intro: Walk the line”, A ballad that shows the boys’ voices and harmony as they begin their journey as artists.

The second is “Let me in”, A hip-hop toned single that has some rhymes in it and that might demonstrate the potential of the rap line, a fan favorite of the Korean music, as they are usually the most “hype” parts in the MV. The third is titled “10 months” is a kind of ballad that combines the sound of R&B with calm rhythms and beats

The fourth is titled “Flicker”what promises to be one of the spegadizas and make you dance because it has effects that seem to have been created with synthesizers is the fifth “Outro: Cross the Line”, Apparently the continuation of the intro, it could be a metaphor to find your way to the stage you always dreamed of. The melody promises a jazz that is reminiscent of those old Italian rhythms that could be associated with some of their teasers in which they seem to embody to a group of vampires.

Finally, ENHYPEN sample “Given taken”, the song that promises to be one of the most powerful in rhythm and choreography.

Before you make yours Debut, the guys from ENHYPEN They shared a video in which they revealed Who will be your official leader during your career?

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