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“Breakup Probation, One Week”: Girls’ Generation Yuri has a chance to save Hyun Woo’s life




"Breakup Probation, One Week": Girls' Generation Yuri has a chance to save Hyun Woo's life

The upcoming mini-drama “Breakup Probation, One Week” (literal title) has released its first teaser!

With Girls Generation Yuri and Hyun woo“Breakup Probation, One Week” is about a woman who has to break up with the man she loves within a week in order to save his life. Yuri will play Park Ga Ram and Hyun Woo will appear as Kim Seon Jae.

The clip starts with Park Ga Ram walking across the street. A truck races towards them and Kim Seon Jae rushes to the rescue. Kim Seon Jae is pronounced dead and Park Ga Ram asks, “Please save Seon Jae.”

A mysterious man says, “I thought you two broke up. Didn’t you break up because you were sick and tired of each other and couldn’t stand each other? ”

However, due to the desperate request of Park Ga Ram, the mysterious man gives her the opportunity to travel back in time and save her lover. There is one condition, however. She has to break up with him within a week.

Despite Park Ga Ram’s deep love for Kim Seon Jae, she decides to break up with him and make him happy without her. Kim Seon Jae refuses to break up with her and asks, “How can we break up when we’re in love?” Park Ga Ram lies through her teeth and declares that she no longer loves him.

The drama will show her journey through love, heartbreak, regret and sacrifice.

“Breakup Probation, One Week” will air sometime in December.

In the meantime, look at Yuri in “Jang Geum, oh my grandma“:

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