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BTS releases a preview of BE Essential Edition




Resultado de imagen para be essential edition

BE Essential Edition’ is one of ARMY‘s most awaited albums, BTS released a new teaser of the project, the image sparked netizens’ theories and explained its possible meaning.

The BTS guys had resounding success with album material ‘BE’ and title track ‘Life Goes On’, the project entered the top music charts and received multiple awards, the ‘Dynamite’ performers will surprise fans with the new version of the CD.

For ‘BE Essential Edition‘, the singers and rappers released individual voice notes, all tracks from the album except ‘Fly To My Room’ appeared, this intrigued the K-pop band’s fans.

On February 9, through Big Hit Entertainment’s social media, they revealed a new teaser for the album. The image was a cartoonish drawing of a hand opening the door of a room, inside were various items such as a speaker, shelf, a clock, decorative vases, books and a cute carpet.


The netizens’ reaction was immediate and they started to look closely at the content of the picture, noticed the items in the teaser called Curated for ARMY, and noticed that the clock marked 6:13, the debut date of BTS.

ARMY found pictures of RM with a Moonjar vase, plus selfies of Jungkook in a big room, fans interpreted them as a hint of a live performance of ‘Fly To My Room’.

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Bangtan Sonyeondan fans came to various conclusions, some thought that due to the concept of the picture it might be the release of an animated MV of the song ‘Fly To My Room’, others shared that the room is a place BTS idols created especially for ARMY.

So far, these theories are just rumors, the agency of the ‘Boy With Luv’ performers did not confirm the activity, date or release date of a possible music video clip. What do you think Curated for ARMY means?

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