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BTS V becomes Japan’s most popular idol




BTSs V becomes Japan's most popular idol

Korean idols are very popular in other countries around the world and BTS V is the king of Japan. This Asian country loves the BTS member. His name is one of the most requested in web browsers.

The K-pop became one of the most-heard proposals in the world, boy and girl bands took over the music platforms, their work reached a significant number of listeners.

One of the countries that consume the most K-pop it is Japan South Korea’s sausage has been catapulted as the world’s second largest music market and is one of the areas of greatest interest Idols.

Bts V. has captured the hearts of the Japanese public since his debut, his image and talent took over social networks and is becoming a popular and recurring topic in online communities. OH MY GOD!

Some recognized media Japanese started an analysis with the ranking of Idols Most of the searches on the internet in this country in 2020 were the names of the Bangtan Boys They could not be absent and occupied the highest positions.

The names of the Artists from the agency Big Hit Entertainment performed alongside other bands such as ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, EXO, NCT and X1. We’ll tell you all the details below.

BTSs V is the most wanted idol on online platforms in Japan

Taehyung topped the list of most wanted K-pop celebrities. Internet users asked about his career, personality, tastes, hobbies and activities Beyond the scene.

The influence of Taehyung It’s so big it’s not the first time they have had this type of chat. A few months ago the interpreter “Winter Bear” caused a stir after taking part in one show Japanese with ‘Stay Gold’.

Kim Taehyung He is one of the celebrities who has piqued society’s greatest curiosity Japanese, the artist from the city Daegu He is the king of cyberspace. YAY!

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On the same chart Jungkook Rank 2, Jimin was positioned at 3, Suga in the 4, Jin the 6, J-Hope on the 7 and Namjoon at 13th. Bts is the only band that has performed with its full line-up, it is the boy band with the most searches in the world network Japanese.

ARMY! Keep that in mind Bts is presented in the important Festival IHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2020 The guys have joined the wide range of the event that will bring together the most outstanding artists of the year.

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