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BTS: Which hobby would you share with idols?




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The BTS idols have very different hobbies. One of them will forever connect you with one of the singers and rappers of K-Pop. Find out which hobby is ideal for you.

The members of Bts are very busy artists with a very busy schedule of activities, but each time they have free time they have fun in different ways and with different interesting hobbies.

Each of the members of the band K-pop of Big Hit Entertainment Have personality traits that determine their taste and Hobbies such as music, photography, cooking, playing sports, shopping, traveling and reading, etc.

Then in this fun and entertaining exam You will find out what hobby would ideal for you and the stars of the Bangtan Boys. Something hobby will connect yours personality with which the interpreter of ‘dynamite‘.

The results of this test are: (A) (B) (C) (D)

Your character is usually…

  • Relaxed (C)
  • Energetic (D)
  • Shy (C)
  • Cold (B)

What activities are you good at?

  • To be organized (B)
  • You are in very good physical condition (D)
  • You are very creative for projects (A)
  • You want to be analytical (C)

What would you like to learn with your new hobby?

  • Have fun doing sports (D)
  • To inspire you with new ways of looking at the world (C)
  • To capture the important moments (A)
  • Have a good eye for valuables (B)

With which idol of Bts do you identify more

  • Suga (D)
  • J-Hope (C)
  • RM (B)
  • Jimin (TO)

Which member of Bts would be a good hobby partner?

  • Jin (TO)
  • Jungkook (B)
  • Jimin (C)
  • V. (D)

Which environment do you prefer?

  • The closed and homely (B)
  • Something relaxed and without a lot of noise (A)
  • The open (D)
  • You can adapt to anyone (C)

What kind of personality do you think you have?

  • Artist (A)
  • Bohemia (C)
  • Determined (D)
  • Critical (B)

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Most of A

Take pics

You share personality with Suga, J-Hope, V. and Jungkook of Bts Anyone could start a fun photography club every now and then and go to a city, park, or tourist attraction to reclaim the countryside. What do you think?

Most of B

Collect cartoons

J-Hope, RM, Suga and you would be the perfect team of collectors of various figures who Idols of K-pop If you enjoy buying sculptures, works of art and other valuable items, support each other for a unique compilation.

Most of C

Read books

Most of the Members of Bangtan Boys loves to read, making music and his lyrics is one of his great inspirations. You would make a very fun group of people who come together to share ideas about novels and stories.

Most of D


Jungkook from Beyond The Scene and you could be the perfect duo for engaging in various high-performance sports. During the week you would get together to put your swimming, boxing, and basketball skills into practice.

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