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BTS wins on “Music Core” with “Life Goes On”




BTS wins on "Music Core" with "Life Goes On"

Bts has won Musical core of MBC With Life goes on.

Translation of “Life Goes On” by BTS + into Korean and Romanization

Bts won the victory in Musical core With Life goes on. They beat with 10556 points Love shouldn’t be hard for you from Im Chan Jung.

Check out the video of the triumph below:

Check out the fan comments:

You should remove the music programs. The award ceremony is enough. Kpop is no longer fun. I don’t like it when idols compete with each other.

So you’re saying there was no competition before? hmm interesting cool❤️

Guys, on all music shows, songs cannot be nominated for the first week of their release.

Guys keep sending! Transmission is very important in order to win!

BTS are the best, this triumph was too epic to be true!

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @ Quismine

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