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CL publishes emotional music video for “+ HWA +”




CL publishes emotional music video for "+ HWA +"

CL revealed the music video for + HWA +.

Translation of “+ HWA +” from CL + texts into Korean and Romanization

CL showed the fans the music video for + HWA +, the title track of his album of the same name. The idol He will surprise you with his incredible rap.

Check out the fan comments:

I really can’t believe it. He’s been through A LOT and yet he manages to give us his best and give us new songs. This is really an important and emotional era for CL and we’ll see who their real fans have been. If you wanted to see the old CL you won’t find it here. She is here to show us how strong she is and who the real queen is. We real GZB will never let you chaerin.

Everyone couldn’t start supporting this queen, but it seems the time has come

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @CLOfficialChannel

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