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“Double Patty”: Irene and Shin Seung Ho walk towards their dreams together




"Double Patty" : Irene and Shin Seung Ho walk towards their dreams together

Red velvet‘s Irene and Shin seung ho‘s upcoming movie “Double Patty” Released its main trailer!

“Double Patty” is a coming-of-age film about young people chasing their dreams and embarking on a reliable journey of growth and development. Irene plays Lee Hyun Ji, an aspiring presenter who works tirelessly to make her dream come true, while Shin Seung Ho plays the former Kang Woo Ram ssireum (Korean wrestling) athlete.

The latest trailer begins with Irene being tested reading messages out loud and cut off by a judge who asks her sternly, “Do you even understand what you’re talking about?” At the same time, Shin Seung Ho loses a match and is in a crisis. Someone asks him, “Is it that bad? Can’t be rehabilitated? ”

At this low point in both lives, they first meet at Irene’s part-time job at a fast food restaurant. Shin Seung Ho can’t take his eyes off Irene, and when he gives his nose a bloody nose by accidentally hitting a wall, she takes him for a drink to drown out her worries.

As their relationship deepens, Irene gives Shin Seung Ho the courage to return to his wrestling dreams, while Irene takes seriously his steadfast encouragement and unwavering belief that if she works hard, she can pass her exams. Things start looking for the two characters as they practice, prepare, and move towards their dreams. “Together?” Shin Seung Ho asks and Irene confirms: “Yes. Let’s go together. ”

Check out the trailer below!

Premiere of “Double Patty” on February 17th.

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