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Former AOA member Mina talks about her goals





Former AOA member Mina recently shot a picture with the fashion International magazine bnt.

Have attended one interview For the magazine earlier this year, Mina was asked how she’s spent her time since then. She replied, “I took my time mainly with my mother, my puppy and my friends from Busan.” She also commented throughout the year, saying, “Since I had become so weak, I just had to get stronger. Although there have been difficult times, I believe good times will come too, so I am trying to relax recently. ”

2021 is the tenth year since Mina’s debut in the entertainment industry. She shared her hopes for the following year and said, “I want to be happier for my tenth year. To do that, I will collect positive moments. Regarding her future plans, she said, “I also have plans outside of the entertainment world. I will definitely work hard to see them through. I think it will be fun to challenge myself by trying different things one at a time. I hope everyone will support me very much. ”

Mina is known for sharing her daily life through her Instagram account. She regards her account as her own room and diary. “It’s the only place I can connect with everyone,” she said. “While there are times when I get hurt by social media, there are also times when I gain strength. It’s a place that gives me energy and comfort. “She added with a laugh,” I think I’m already addicted to social media. ”

Former AOA member Mina talks about her goals

When describing her daily life, she said, “Should I call myself a Busan girl who came to Seoul? My daily life is very normal. I just go where I have to go to see the people I want to see. “Mina confessed that she still doesn’t know most of the famous restaurants or famous places in Seoul, but she concluded,” From now on I want to do my best to see more places. ”

Moving on to her skin care routine, Mina said that as she got older, she began to take better care of her skin. She then talked about how her interest in makeup came from her job as a celebrity. Mina revealed the reason for her decision to start a makeup company: “On a day when my skin looked really damaged, I looked in the mirror and thought about how great it could be if I was my sensitive Skin could repair itself. I was excited to think about other people’s skin getting better after using products that I made. That’s why I decided to make my dream a reality. ”

When asked what products she wanted to introduce, Mina replied that she wanted to share the products she used, products that had undergone rigorous testing, as well as products that she made herself. She added, “After that, I’ll get feedback from people and make improvements immediately.”

Former AOA member Mina talks about her goals

In addition, Mina described her idea of ​​happiness as “responsibility” and expressed her desire to take responsibility for the people in her life. She explained, “I think when it comes down to it, life and happiness are the same. I want to have the strength to take responsibility. ”

When asked how to heal yourself, Mina replied, “You have to set a goal and work endlessly to achieve it. I feel healed every time I get one step closer to my goal. “Mina also emphasized the importance of gaining strength from the people around her.

Since her debut as an idol, Mina has also appeared in numerous dramas and has even published her own book. When asked what was most exciting for her, Mina replied: “Everything was exciting for me. I can’t just choose one experience. Everything was a new challenge and every endeavor I immersed myself in was fascinating. “Mina then named studying beauty products and design as areas she wanted to challenge next.

Regarding her future goals, Mina said: “I hope many people will come to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s work or helping with their problems. I think I’ll be really happy when people think of me, if only a little. ”

Eventually, Mina concluded the interview with a message to her fans. She shared, “First of all, I am always grateful. I haven’t seen you all in a long time so I really miss you all. Until the day we meet, we want to work hard and not be discouraged. I hope everyone I know will be happy and successful. ”

Watch Mina in her drama “Loss of time life” Below:

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