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“Friends”: the new reality show




The cast of “Friends” exudes youthful exuberance in their main poster!

“Friends” is ChannelA’s upcoming reality show starring Kim Do Kyun, Jung jae ho, Oh young Joo and Kim Jang Mi from “Heart Signal 2” and Lee Ga Heun, Seo Min Jae and Jung Eui Dong from “Heart signal 3“. It will take viewers on an adventure through the daily lives of its performers while highlighting budding friendships and romance. In doing so, the show will document the process by which young adults become friends and secure love.

The caption at the top of the poster reads: “Delivered: New friend, the beginning of a friend –something,Indication of the appearance of a new friend. Here the word “somethingUsed to describe a special “something” that exists between two people who have feelings for each other but are not in a relationship.

There is also a capsule machine for friends on the poster. It begs the question of what kind of relationships and connections the performers will create during the episodes.

"Friends": the new reality show

Each member has a unique career and lifestyle. It is expected that this diversity of lifestyles will lead to unpredictable pairings and chemistry. The show will provide relatable story and comfort with the stories of romance and friendship written by the guests who have a very special winter at Signal House.

The first episode of “Friends” is slated to air in February!

In the meantime you can see “Heart signal 2”:

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And “Heart Signal 3” here!

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