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Got7 dedicates an emotional message to its fans




Got7 dedicates an emotional message to its fans

With the arrival of January 19th on the calendar, GOT7 concluded its contract with JYP Entertainment, amidst rumors and doubts, the members of the group dedicated a message to AHGASE anticipating a new beginning.

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Recently the 7th anniversary of the K-Pop group was celebrated and only a few days later the members of GOT7 left the entertainment company that saw them debut. The joy of the fans was present as they celebrated a new stage and wide possibilities for the idols, but there is still no certainty of what will happen from now on, so the members of the group sent some words of encouragement and appreciation to the fans.

JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom shared the same image through their personal Instagram accounts, as they have done in previous moments to show their connection and friendship.


It is a handwritten letter where we can see the 7 font styles corresponding to the members of the group, which gave a more emotional impact to the message.

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JB began by greeting on behalf of the group and apologizing for announcing that they are now breaking ties with JYP Entertainment by not renewing their contract. Later, it was announced that the members of the group will begin working with new equipment to continue releasing music in the future.

The message explains that the members of GOT7 are aware of the difficulties that the fans must have gone through due to the uncertainty of what will happen in the future, but they added

As GOT7 I think there is only one thing we can tell them. We will all continue to make music for AHGASE.

The idols thanked the support and constancy of their fans that was present at all times. They pointed out that their memories with the AHGASES will always be treasured in their hearts, and invited their followers to keep those memories as a reality that the 7 will return with new colors.

The fans expressed their emotions through the social networks before the emotional message of the members, showing that no matter what path they decide to take they will have the support of their fans.

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