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Hong Jin Young apologizes for the plagiarism in her thesis




Hong Jin Young apologizes for the plagiarism in his thesis

Hong Jin Young apologized after Chosun University came to the preliminary conclusion of plagiarism regarding their master’s thesis.

It was reported in November that Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis was suspected of plagiarism, with the dissertation reportedly hitting 74 percent on the Copy Killer plagiarism screening site. Your agency refused the allegations.

As the allegations spread, Hong gave Jin Young one Explanation in which she said, “I organized my time, spoke to the professor and did my best to produce the thesis. Although it went fine at the time, people are now saying that it is judged by a few percent and I am disappointed and frustrated because everything I say now sounds like an excuse. “She said she had decided to give up her Masters and PhD degrees.

On December 15, a Research Integrity Committee under the Ethics Committee of Chosun University issued the preliminary ruling on plagiarism relating to Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis. They sent it to the Graduate School Committee submitted by Hong Jin Young for explanation by 5:00 p.m. KST on December 18. The graduate school committee will make a final decision on whether or not plagiarism has occurred in a meeting on December 23rd. If this officially determines that she has plagiarized, both her Masters and PhD degrees will be automatically canceled.

Hong Jin Young shared the following letter on her Instagram on December 18:

Hello, this is Hong Jin Young.

It’s getting very late and I know I can’t undo anything. However, I am writing because I want to sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness, even if it is now.

On the day I made a comeback with a new song, a report appeared about the plagiarism of this thesis. I was so scared of what to say and my mind went blank.

I think that even then I couldn’t let go of my greed. I was so scared because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to get back on stage if I admitted that I was doing plagiarism.

So I was busy trying to justify myself by saying things like, “The professor said there is no problem” and “I’m not going to be lecturing with my degree.” It was because I was afraid that everything in my life would look like a lie so far.

I even had the laconic thought that if I gave up my degree, maybe people would let go of it, maybe they would forgive me. That is why I used the term “convention”. Maybe I was just thinking of finding a way out.

When a mistake is made, one has to apologize properly and be punished for it … Instead of thinking, I was just busy making excuses. I have not been able to act mature or adult. I made a mistake.

I will accept the preliminary conclusion of Chosun University plagiarism and deeply reverse it. I also acted very disrespectfully towards the people who are still working day and night on their master’s and doctoral theses. I’m so sorry. I admit everything and I will think.

Got greater love that I deserve. I will repay that love now while quietly spending time thinking about myself and doing meaningful and good things.

I apologize again. I’m really sorry.

Hong Jin Young previously received a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Trade, and a PhD in Business Administration from Chosun University.

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