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Hong Jin Young says she will retire after plagiarism allegations




Hong Jin Young says she will retire after plagiarism allegations

Hong Jin Young will give up her Masters and PhD degrees after allegations that she plagiarized parts of her Masters thesis.

Earlier this week, Kukmin Ilbo reported that Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis from Chosun University was suspected of plagiarism after being tested and rated at 74 percent by an anonymous informant on the plagiarism review website, Copy Killer was.

Hong Jin Young’s agency refused the claims and published a statement from the professor responsible for reviewing her thesis. The statement states that it was typical for theses at the time to have multiple annotations and cited quotes and references, and that Copy Killer wasn’t used regularly in universities until around 2015. (Hong Jin Young’s thesis was reviewed in 2009.)

As the plagiarism allegations spread, Hong Jin Young shared the following statement on Instagram:

Hello, this is Hong Jin Young.

First of all, I would like to apologize for bringing up this unfortunate issue. I’ve worked hard for the past 10 years, putting sweat and tears into my job, and am disappointed with the malicious gossip that has cropped up. I am sorry for causing so much concern. I’m really sorry.

After submitting a thesis in 2009, I received my master’s degree. I organized my time, spoke to the professor and did my best to prepare the thesis. Although it went fine at the time, people are now saying that it is judged by a few percent and I am disappointed and frustrated because everything I say now sounds like an excuse.

However, I think I should take responsibility for that. Now that I think about it [a graduate degree] was something that didn’t suit me. I think I was too ambitious.

I’m so sorry. Regardless of the reason, it makes me sad to think about how I am involved in this scandal. I also think about whether I’ve been too ambitious in the past. I’m really sorry. I missed in many ways.

I have decided to give up my Masters and PhD degrees. I think this is the best I can do right now.

All of this was due to my negligence and mistakes. Once again, I sincerely apologize for people’s concerns.

Hong Jin Young previously received a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Trade and a PhD in Business Administration from Chosun University.

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