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“Immortal Songs”: BOY, CSJH Stephanie, DKB and Ben compete against each other on BoA covers on




Immortal Songs: BOY, CSJH Stephanie, DKB and Ben compete against each other on BoA covers on

The latest episode of “Immortal songs” Featured covers of some of BoA The greatest hits!

When the KBS 2TV singing competition was broadcast on December 5th, BOY and the child dancer Na Ha Eun, Stephanie, DKB from CSJH The Grace, Ben, Romantic Punch and Kim Young Heum faced each other with performances of legendary BoA songs.

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Romantic Punch came first and they played an exciting rock remix of BoA’s “Valenti”. Band member Baek In Hyuk also admitted that he was a huge BoA fan, noting, “It’s really an honor to be able to perform before BoA. If I were to compare it to athletes, it would be like competing alongside Kim Yuna or Son Heung Min. ”

Kim Young Heum came second on “Immortal Songs” with a soulful reinterpretation of “No. 1, ”and BoA praised the singer for highlighting the sad feelings expressed in the lyrics.

Next came Stephanie, who previously worked as a label colleague at BoA under SM Entertainment. The singer recalled, “I practiced dancing while watching BoA and ended up signing with SM Entertainment after auditioning with ‘Atlantis Princess’ and ‘Valenti’.”

Before Stephanie performed her cover of “My Name”, she said, “I feel more sentimental than usual today because BoA and I used to live together in a dormitory in Japan. We couldn’t go home so we cooked together. That was 15 years ago. “She added,” I have prepared a performance that will be like a gift to the BoA. ”

After seeing her performance, BoA commented, “I already knew that [Stephanie]The dancing was beautiful, but I was happy to see that she was still doing such a cool dance performance even after 15 years. I kept getting reminded of pictures of us fighting each other in our twenties in Japan so I got emotional while watching. ”

DKB then performed an energetic cover of “Atlantis Princess”, and BoA thanked the rookie boy group for reinterpreting the song with “such a youthful and bright energy”.

Ben was next on “Immortal Songs” with an emotional rendition of “Only One”. The ballad singer announced that she was a big BoA fan at the time and commented: “[Her popularity] was to the extent that I didn’t have friends who weren’t fans of BoA. Whenever we went on school trips we all prepared performances of BoA’s songs, but I was never allowed to perform because I couldn’t dance. The fact that I was able to sing one of BoA’s songs here today gives me the feeling that I’ve finally satisfied this urge. ”

Finally, BOY teamed up with the famous children’s dancer Na Ha Eun for a performance of “ID; Peace B, ”and they were ultimately crowned the episode’s final winner.

Watch the full episode of Immortal Songs with English subtitles!

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