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Irene finishes filming Double Patty




Irene finishes filming Double Patty

Irene from Red Velvet finished shooting the film ‘Double Patty’, the idol was captured by the staff with a big smile when she received a bouquet of flowers. See all the details of the moment.

At the end of 2020, SM Entertainment agency informed that Red Velvet would prepare a comeback, they would show a more mature side, the announcement excited ReVeluv, who would wait for more news of the band’s new album.

After pausing their activities, Irene resumed calls for recordings of the Double Patty tape, the K-pop star’s debut on the big screen, where she will share credits with Shin Seung Ho.

The film of the Red Velvet member will tell the evolution of two kids, show the wide path to become adults, the search of a personality, how they will keep a tender friendship and the hard work to conquer their goals.

In the film directed by Baek Seung Hwan, Irene played a girl who dreams of becoming an anchor and will try to find her first opportunity to shine.

Recently, the filming of Double Patty came to an end, the staff and cast praised Bae Joohyun’s performance, gave her an incredible gift and celebrated the project’s early release.

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The staff captured Irene’s last moments at Double Patty’s location, carrying a large bouquet of colorful flowers to show their affection for the vocalist, she smiled for the cameras on her colleagues’ phones.

Irene posed for the lens with a huge smile, bright face and with her hand she made the symbol of love and peace. The images began to circulate on online platforms and other social networks.

The international and national fandom of Red Velvet reacted at the end of the project with a lot of love for the interpreter of ‘One Of These Nights’, they published messages of support and admiration for Irene.

The production of the film confirmed the release, ReVeluv will be able to enjoy the story at the end of January 2021, Double Patty will reach the streaming platforms and will be launched in several countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

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