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Irene from Red Velvet tells the story of her favorite color




Irene from Red Velvet tells the story of her favorite color

Learn about the lovable friendship story behind the favorite color of the leader of Red Velvet. Irene has a special reason to love Lila. What will it be?

They all have one Favourite colour, The color palette of the world can reflect the characteristics of the People.

Irene from red velvet is a reserved and shy person who idol He confessed that he was someone who found it difficult to create Friendships, so if you can do one connection Trying to get yours with someone relationship Stay special.

The history of favourite colour from Irene is very pretty, that Artists from SM entertainment She says that in high school she wasn’t very close to her classmates, preferred to be alone, and most of the time enjoyed her personal space.

In the middle of the course, a student was transferred to school from Irene the new girl made a good impression on them member from the group red velvet since I thought he was a person with a lot of charisma and joy.

Someday, Irene She did not wear her clothes to physical education class, which worried her. None of her classmates offered to support her until the new girl approached and offered her her uniform Friendship between the two.

While Irene and your new one friend they knew each other better, they discovered that it was them compatible in taste the favourite colour his partner was purple, so the idol took it as his preferred tonality.

The purple random one colour important for Irene because it was something that connected her to her friend. The interpreter of ‘Bad boy He confessed that he still loves that purpleis a color that will remind you of the beautiful moments that shaped you Friendship with his former partner the school.

Bae Joohyun, real name of Red Velvet leader, still great friend from that Girl, both meet constantly and know that they can count on each other.

The singer of ‘Automatic ‘ showed the love he feels for himself favourite colour in 2016 when he painted his hair from purple who highlighted her white skin, the member of red velvet He went for a cool, washed-out look.

What did you think of Story behind it of favourite colour from Irene?, the idol showed his fanatic that behind every person there are experiences that mark them for a lifetime.

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