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Irene’s evolution captured in photos




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The Red Velvet Girls have built a career full of strength in which Irene’s looks were unmatched. These photos will show their changes over time.

The qualities these idol have no limits, that’s why he managed to stand out in music as model and even how MC. Irene always shows the best of herself and in addition to her confidence and radiant personality looks This porta gave him a great stage presence.

Her style has seen several transformations since her debut, as with any girl comeback from red velvet They are renewed according to the concept that they want to show with a new album. Despite the Changes of Irene They are not that extreme when they have given you the opportunity to show different facets.

We invite you to remember some of them looks the best during his musical career and discover how much the idol in these years.

Tell us which of the Styles by the artist of SM entertainment is it your favorite or if there are any? look changed who would you like to see it with.

The before and after of Irene since her debut


Irene made her debut next door red velvet with the song happiness, the Idols They used brightly colored looks where the hair dye that everyone uses in different colors has a specialty. Irene painted the ends of her hair in pink and from the first moment she caught the attention of others for her fresh look.


Mostly Irene She sticks to dark hair tones, but we’ve seen her shine with blonde hair too, especially in the early years of her career. The idol looks gorgeous with any style but this is one that has become unforgettable.

Red hair

Aged Beginner The singer surprised her fans by dyeing her hair dark red. Her facial features made her shine for her visuality, which together with her talent is the perfect combination, and we saw another phase of her development.

Short hair

Irene de Red Velvet en la era Bad Boy. | Fuente: Twitter @reveaseul

When red velvet premiere Bad boy, Irene showed a appearance charming with his mane a little shorter than usual. His style for this era stole hearts and became a memorable stage on which all girls showed a new facet.


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The idol experimented with her style of music and her image. Currently, she’s keeping her look with a natural vibe where her hair stands out in dark tones against her white skin. Irene She doesn’t hesitate to try different styles and makeup and also has the confidence to show herself off in front of her fans.

We recently told you that too monster, the song of Irene and Seulgi comes to Netflix as part of a soundtrack.

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