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Jisoo has the best tips for the best selfies




Jisoo has the best tips for the best selfies

Get to know the best tips, poses, filters and looks that Jisoo always implements in the wonderful selfies she uploads to her social networks. The BLACKPINK member is the queen of mirror photos.

Kim Jisoo is famed for her skills on stage, the idol can dance, sing and rap, elements that complement her identity as a K-pop artist, the BLACKPINK member possesses more skills that make her shine.

The ‘How You Like That’ performer was born with a natural talent for acting and modeling, Jisoo’s beauty is a favorite of photographers and fashion magazines, expressing her emotions through the camera lens.

Jisoo took the poses, angles and other tips she learned during photo shoots and implemented them into her own selfies in the mirror and images she shares on her personal social media.


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BLINK has always emphasized that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is a girl who knows how to show her best face to the camera and seeks to highlight every element of her harmonious face to elevate her beauty to the next level.

A must-have tip when the idol takes a selfie in the mirror is to tilt her head, body or camera phone a bit to give a different focus to her figure and enhance the outfit she is wearing.

Jisoo combines two poses when it comes to self-portraits, one is to look directly at the phone screen and the next option is to stare at the mirror for a more mysterious and confident style.

One of the elements that can’t be missing in the BLACKPINK vocalist’s images are filters from Instagram or other photo editing apps, within the list of her favorite effects is the classic doggy ears and nose, which gives her an adorable look.

The artist of entertainment company YG updates Instagram stories with short videos showing herself happy and fun to modify her look with filters of kittens and other cute animals.

No matter if it’s photoshoot for a beauty or fashion campaign, images for a renowned magazine, selfies in the mirror or self-portraits with effects, BLINK loves to enjoy Jisoo’s visuals in any form.

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