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Jisoo, the idol’s personality during her student days




Jisoo, the idol's personality during her student days

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo became one of the most popular and popular idols among the public. Was their attitude the same before fame? One of her ex-classmates shared her love stories with the K-pop star.

Kim Jisoo knew fame from a young age that debut from BLACKPINK was an international event led by the company’s women’s group YG Entertainment to the horns of the moon.

nowadays Jisoo is one of the singers and visuals with the greatest presence in the social networks, demonstrated its impact and popularity through leading campaigns for major fashion and makeup advertising brands.

The personality from Jisoo it is fun, fresh and youthful, skills that positioned her as a charismatic, friendly and sociable television presenter were those idol in his years of Institute?

Something Ex-buddies of the interpreter of ‘Kill this love ‘ revealed their incredible experiences sharing the classroom with Jisoo Her friends remembered her with great fondness.

Jisoo’s friends discussed the idol’s attitude at school

The artist is originally from South Korea attended a high school near her home where she met wonderful people, one of her former schoolmates shared her experience with Jisoo during his student days.

This person was one year younger than the member of BLACKPINK when he got to school She was the head of the drama club and went around the halls promoting the group’s activities. The one represented by YG Entertainment She wore a red sweatshirt, the item of clothing was a complement to her uniform, the students knew it was her when they saw the item of clothing from a distance.

The former partner of Jisoo explained that the singer’s appearance has not changed at all, the singer’s physical features such as her big eyes, heart-shaped lips, silky hair and white skin are natural.

She always had a friendly, sweet and pleasant attitude towards her classmates, she was on good terms with everyone, sometimes she got into trouble because she fell asleep during class, but she was responsible and dedicated. Is that how you imagined it?

Recently, FLASH was surprised to see the bearing from Jisoo, the idol uploaded some snaps with a casual look and is great for being at home. The girl fell in love with the hearts of Internet users with her simplicity and beauty.

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