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Johnny steals Taeyong’s family’s attention at 2020 MAMA




Johnny steals Taeyong's family's attention at 2020 MAMA

The NCT member met with his fans online, but fans could only laugh when the idol revealed his family members’ interest in Johnny.

The awards were recently held Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 where all members of NCT They were present and in addition to some awards, the idols showed their great talent on stage with a special performance. The sister from Taeyong contacted the idol to congratulate him on his performance, but not everything went as expected.

This idol made a live broadcast to speak to his fans, and then he told them that his sister wrote him that the presentation was from NCT it had been great and even sent him screenshots of his show Taeyong revealed that all of the pictures were from Johnny and there was none of him.

The moment was fun for everyone who saw his life live, but the idol made a joking gesture of disappointment.

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Taeyong thanks the fans and spoils them throughout his life

The idol spent a good time listening to music and singing for his followers but also said that his fans deserved an award for the loyal and constant support they give him and him NCT.

Taeyong also showed his support for AESPA, the new group of SM entertainmentHe tried to sing Black Mamba but said the grades were too high so it might not work.

NCT U. recently revealed a new version of From home The idols showed time travel through this publication.

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