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Jun So Min describes her dreams





Jun So Min talked about her career, dreams and more while sitting down with Esquire Korea!

The interviewer mentioned to Jun So Min that they were looking forward to speaking with her, having heard she’s a great speaker and wondering what fun things she could share. Jun So Min laughed at the feeling of pressure and said, “I like to talk. But since I have to entertain viewers on TV shows, I think I probably talk more on TV than in real life.”

The actress was asked to talk about the difference between who she really was and how she performed in variety shows. “There is a difference, of course,” she replied. “To be honest, what I put on variety shows is really just part of me. It’s not all I am ”

Jun So Min describes her dreams

The interviewer pointed out that she was also a writer and mentioned that she had read her book “You can call me after a drink”. Jun So Min thanked her with a laugh and said she was shy about calling herself a writer. It was then commented that the Jun So Min on “Running ManAnd the Jun So Min who wrote the book seem to be different people.

“My goal is to show as many different sides of myself as possible, and I want to try new things too,” replied Jun So Min. “There are times when it can be a burden to focus too much on one thing to restrict. ”

Jun So Min describes her dreams

Jun So Min was mentioned that Jung Chul Min, the director of “The Sixth Sense” (PD), had named her his number 1 casting.

“Yeah really? I’m so grateful,” said Jun So Min. “When I first started Running Man, he was the main PD. I think that’s why he saw me positively.”

Jun So Min described her experience filming “The Sixth Sense” as the feeling of really meeting friends. “Everyone is fun and happy, so I felt comfortable even though it was our first meeting,” she added. “To be honest, a lot of people say it’s not easy for people to get this close in eight episodes, but we were an unusually good match. I only have one younger brother, I have no sisters. I felt like I had reliable older sisters and fun younger sisters from ‘The Sixth Sense’. ”

Jun So Min describes her dreams

She was then asked if she was more of a cheerful and fun person. “My friends say I’m kidding …” she replied, before laughing to ask if the interviewer enjoyed speaking to her. She continued, “I am always unsure. My family is really fun so I think I probably have this site to myself too. But I don’t think I would confidently say, “I’m a fun person!” I’m really grateful that the audience has fun watching me. ”

The interviewer asked if this meant that she was making an effort to enjoy variety shows. She replied, “I never thought I had a talent for variety shows. I think I’m more of someone who tries hard. I always want to do better. ”

Jun So Min describes her dreams

Jun So Min was also asked about the jobs she took before she became known. She replied, “At first I worked part-time in a wedding hall, but it was inevitable that I would be captured in photos or videos. I thought I might be embarrassed if recordings like this spread when I later became an actress. So I gave that up and found one-day jobs like handing out flyers since I had to take time out to audition or film. Then I worked in a café. Since the boss understood that I sometimes had to take time off, I was able to work there for about a year. “She added with a laugh,” Although I didn’t have to take time off that often. ”

Jun So Min was asked if her longing for action had increased during this time. “I was concerned and thought I should give up,” she said. She shared that she was getting tired after constantly wondering if she was on the right path, if she might not have the gift for it and if she should keep trying.

“It wasn’t a bad time, however,” she said. “Because I definitely had a stable income and could experience another job that wasn’t acting. I think I have become more diligent and have gained endurance during this time. ”

Jun So Min describes her dreams

Commenting on the genres or roles she would like to try, Jun So Min said, “If I have the chance, I would like to do more romantic comedies. I love romance in itself. Since I’m in my mid-30s now, I would also like to try a role that is a little quieter. ”

She explained, “I’ve played a lot of dynamic roles. I want to try to play a role that is a little quieter and more heartbreaking. But when it comes to shooting, I’ve had a lot of fun doing comedies. ”

She chose “Top Star U-back” as one project that was particularly memorable. “It was a rom-com, but it leaned a little more on the comedy side,” she said. “It was the first time I played such a happy and funny character. Maybe that was my most dynamic character? We filmed a lot on an island so it was physically difficult and I played someone who didn’t look pretty at all, but I had so much fun filming. ”

Jun So Min describes her dreams

Jun So Min was also asked about her current dreams. She replied, “I always think that dreams seem so far away and huge. I find it hard to endure when I hold onto a dream. I think I’m happiest when I do what I can right now. What I want to do now is to act in a good project, that’s my little dream. ”

She continued, “When it comes to dreaming big, I want to be a good actress, a good friend, and a good person. If I were to add anything else, it would be a truly precious dream to hear someone say, “I want to be like this Sunbae [senior in the industry] Jun Sun Min. ‘”

The full picture and interview by Jun So Min appears in the December issue of Esquire Korea.

Check out Jun So Min in “Running Man” below!

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