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Kai shares a fun unboxing of his solo album




Kai shares a fun unboxing of his solo album

Kai met EXO-L in the VLive app, the SM entertainment idol showed the surprises that his debut solo album contains. Which merch is on the CD?

The idol of EXO revealed new teasers for its mini-album release KAI (开) There he will prove his skills as a soloist and interpret and dance different songs in style R & B. Y. Hip hop.

A few hours ago, Quay surprised his fans with the connection on the platform of Lifewhere he made a fun and exciting life, the idol of the company SM entertainment performed an unboxing.

The singer of K-pop He wore a black look that contrasted with the white background, an elegant combination for such an important event. Quay introduced himself and mentioned that he had chosen to show the CD contents that way EXO-L You see the exclusive articles.

What does the KAI (开) album contain?

KAI (开) It’s about the size of a magazine, a small band holds the CD closed, one of the versions is black and white, the member of EXO He laughed out loud when a huge poster appeared with his gaze.

Quay He also showed the special photo cards for his first shot Studio Solo, each version will contain a package of special photos. The design and concept of the album is very minimalistic and combines classic tones.

The dancer looked like a professional teenager, he put every item of his music project in front of the camera so that the audience could see the smallest detail of the merch.

The star’s reactions touched her fans who gathered social networks They commented on the giggles, emotions, and joy that could be seen in him. You spoke of the contrast between his rough photographs and those of his attitude towards life. Owww!

The songs that make up the tracklits KAI (开) and the official video of ‘Mmmm‘will be released on November 30th. Expect that debut Solo by Quay from EXO?

The idol is known for his ability and elegance to pose in front of the cameras, his talents were used for the new teaser of KAI (开).

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