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Lee Gikwang shares how he has changed while serving in the military




Lee Gikwang shares how he has changed while serving in the military

On November 19, Highlight’s Lee Gikwang held a V Live broadcast to speak of his fans, according to his official fulfill from compulsory military service.

Lee Gikwang entered as a drafted police officer back in April 2019. On the live broadcast, he said, “I will work hard as a public figure and as a Gikwang of Highlight. I’ll think about what to do next, work hard on my training, and come back with a new and cooler image. Please wait patiently for me. ”

He continued, “A lot has happened, but I pray that there will only be good things in our future. I want to age gracefully with everyone while working hard and enjoying life. ”

Lee Gikwang shared some stories from his ministry. He said, “As a drafted police officer, we had to go to Seoul to support the police during demonstrations. I happened to be sent to the same area as [Son] Dongwoon. I couldn’t meet him directly, but we saw each other’s buses go by. ”

He added, “When I felt tired and exhausted, I would receive letters from fans and feel comforted. My heart got warm and I wanted to see you all asap. I hope COVID-19 ends soon and I can greet you and hear your cheers and laughter in person. The letters were a great source of strength for me. Thanks again. ”

However, I emphasized the importance of staying healthy. “Health is the most important thing,” he said. “As long as you are healthy, you can enjoy whatever you want. I pray that you are all healthy enough to accomplish whatever you want to do. ”

Lee Gikwang continued, “I also train a lot. I do moderate aerobic exercise, moderate muscle exercise, moderate amount of soccer ball, moderate amount of walking. I also take care of my meals. I think my jaw and nose have gotten sharper. It feels like going back to how I looked. ”

He quipped, “You have no idea how much I’ve trained. I want to show you, but … During our time as BEAST they called me “Fischer Gikwang”, but [my body] has been in even better shape since then. ”

He added, “I received a full military health exam and I was 172 cm tall [about 5 feet, 7.72 inches]. I want to tell Naver about it. At the moment my profile [on Naver] says i’m 170.8cm tall which makes me look petty so i want to change it. I think I grew up because I ate well and had a normal life in the military. I wish I had built a small workshop. If I had left earlier I might have grown to 178 cm [5 feet 10 inches]. ”

Lee Gikwang mentioned Highlights son Dongwoon again and said, “Dongwoon has about 20 days left. How happy does he have to be? I was in that position. It feels both exciting and a little sad. It’s almost time for him to end his military life, but he’s such a good boy and someone who does well wherever he is so I’m sure he did well in the military too. I have faith in him that he treated his superiors and juniors well. I want him to come back soon so we can have fun again. ”

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