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Lee Min Ho and Suzy: the end of their love story




Lee Min Ho and Suzy: the end of their love story

Lee Min Ho and Suzy, the two popular Hallyu Wave actors had a very nice romantic relationship, they were one of the most popular couples in the entertainment industry.

What is the love story of Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho?

Suzy bae is one of the most beautiful faces on the South Korean screen, the member of the group of K-Pop Miss A. started his career in dramas in 2011 with ‘Dream high ‘where she shared a set with IU and Kim Soo Hyun.

Lee Min Ho is considered one of the pillars of the Hallyu wave, he actor He established himself as one of the brightest stars in entertainment. Every project he participated in became a worldwide success.

In 2015, both events were captured by the paparatzzis, they had a romantic date in the city of London, the actors’ agencies Approved his Love relationship and they showed that they had good feelings.

The curiosity of fans of the Pair grown up, they wanted to know how chemistry and love are between Suzy bae and Lee Min Ho. A user of social networks published a post in which he stated that the protagonist of ‘Boys about flowers“He had always wanted to meet the idol, they had mutual friends and he thought it would be a good idea to introduce himself to her through her.

Why did Lee Min Ho and Suzy split up?

Others nearby Lee Min Ho They commented that the actor fell deeply in love with Suzy When he met her, he confessed his romantic intentions, his attraction was natural and respectful.

They started dating and were careful when dating so as not to be photographed by the media. Lee Min Ho We put a lot of effort and commitment to conquer the singer from ‘Hush’. Even colleagues were surprised to see the other side Romantic of actor.

Even though Lee Min Ho and Suzy counted With schedules full of activities like interviews, movies, photo shoots, and dramas, they found the ideal times to meet and hang out together.

In 2017 after two years engagement, both Actor ready his relationship loving, confirmed their companies, fans of Lee Min Ho and Suzy received the news with great surprise and did not expect that they would part.

The actor was in the military and worked with Suzy as a protagonist in many Dramas. Some rumors suggested that its abort Because they didn’t have enough time to devote to their relationship and others said they’d never been a couple, it was just a publicity stunt. No one has yet confirmed any of these theories.

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