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“Live On”: 3 moments when NU’EST Minhyun made viewers’ hearts flutter





NU’EST’s Min Hyun steals hearts in his new drama “Live On”!

“Live On” is a new JTBC romantic drama starring Minhyun as Go Eun Taek, a perfectionist who runs his high school broadcast club I’m young as Baek Ho Rang, a school star and social media influencer who joins the club with ulterior motives.

Just two episodes after the drama began, Minhyun’s impotent performance as a distant but secretly warm-hearted Go Eun Taek is already making hearts flutter left and right – and we’re not just talking about the hearts of the female characters in the drama!

Here are three moments from “Live On” that Minhyun made viewers’ hearts beat faster:

1. That unforgettable bus scene

"Live On": 3 moments when NU'EST Minhyun made viewers' hearts flutter

In the first episode of “Live On,” Baek Ho Rang dozed off on a bus when Go Eun Taek quietly approached to close the window next to her. When she suddenly woke up, the two characters unexpectedly made eye contact from a very great distance.

The moment got all the more romantic at the end of the episode when viewers found out in the epilogue why Go Eun Taek had thoughtfully closed the window to Baek Ho Rang while she slept.

2. Stay with Baek Ho Rang to help her clean up at sunset

"Live On": 3 moments when NU'EST Minhyun made viewers' hearts flutter

To gain access to the broadcast club’s account, Baek Ho Rang pretended to be a model member of the broadcast club and stayed after hours to clean up. Unaware of her ulterior motives, Go Eun Taek was struck by the sight of Baek Ho Rang staying alone in the club to wipe the club’s camera lenses and he decided to stay with her to help.

The warm smile he sent to Baek Ho Rang as they cleaned the lenses together showed that Go Eun Taek was slowly opening his heart to her, and Baek Ho Rang smiled at him when he didn’t see her starting to do the same to do .

3. Go to Eun Taek and Baek Ho Rang record store

"Live On": 3 moments when NU'EST Minhyun made viewers' hearts flutter

In the second episode, after breaking Go Eun Taek’s record, Baek Ho Rang accompanied him to the record store to make amends. Although at first she couldn’t understand why he was so insistent on listening to music on records, she was touched when he explained, “Even the process of waiting [for the music to start] makes my heart flutter ”

Despite the very different tastes of the two characters, they got closer and more comfortable listening to music together, and their romantic chemistry seemed to grow too.

“Live On” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 pm KST.

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