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“Live On”: Cast Enjoy filming at different locations





JTBCs “Live on” Posted another look behind the scenes of the drama!

The video will open with NU’EST’s Min Hyun, VICTONs Byungchan, and Noh Jong Hyun in the Internet cafe. During recess, they play computer games and Byungchan excitedly teaches Noh Jong Hyun what to do. However, the actors quickly dive into professional mode for rehearsal. The director laughs at Byungchan, who is busy tapping his keyboard and asking, “Yoo Shin (Byungchan’s character name), what are you working so hard on?” In response, Byungchan looks back with a dazed smile.

During another hiatus, Byungchan talks about how social his character is. Boasting how Kim Yoo Shin can get along with everyone, he says, “Please trust the power of Yoo Shin. Anyone can be friends with him. Have you ever seen someone like this ”

"Live On": Cast Enjoy filming at different locations

Next, Minhyun and I’m young Film in a vinyl LP record store.

While Minhyun waits for the film, she asks Jung Da Bin what was the last film she saw in the cinema. She admits she doesn’t remember and after a pause he says, “I think mine was ‘Avengers’.” She stared at him in shock. Jung Da Bin expresses her desire to go to the cinema and Minhyun comments, “I like snacks in the cinema. I like the popcorn there. They even sell things like tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). “

When asked whether they are interested in records, Jung Da Bin says yes. Minhyun asks, “What does that mean?” Laughing, she explains, “I’m interested in you, but I don’t really get into the store.” Minhyun continues, “This is my first time in a record store. I realized that a lot of people are using these records for interior decoration. After seeing her today I think she is very pretty. “

"Live On": Cast Enjoy filming at different locations

The two actors also film outdoors and laugh and joke during rehearsals. During the filming the director suddenly stops her and laughs when he asks Jung Da Bin not to stare at Minhyun with so much disgust. Minhyun jokes, “You are so mean.” Confused, she laughs and promises not to look at him like that.

“Live On” airs every Tuesday at 9:30 pm KST.

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