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Meet Hank, the funny Rosé’s pet




Meet Hank, the funny Rosé's pet

Rosé showed Hank, someone very special to her who will be with her in the most important moments of her life. The BLACKPINK idol opened a special Instagram account in which she will share videos and photos of her friend. Owww!

BLACKPINK returned to the stage with his first full-length album ‘THE ALBUM‘ The idols worked with various international music stars like Selena Gomez and their songs had millions of views.

The members of the group YG Entertainment finished their promotions with great success, they became one of the bands of K-pop Most of them followed the international audience on social networks.

The quartet took a few days off to prepare for their next activities. rosé he used his time and revealed What accepted to an adorable one poochThe ‘Lovesick Girls’ singer shared some photos of her new baby.

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By Instagram, rosé He showed his more than 33 million followers the new member of his family, in the stories she published some photos and videos about the funny coexistence with Hank.

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A post shared by @hank_says_hank

Rosé opened an Instagram account for Hank

Roseanne Park taught the comfort of Hank, in the clips your pooch appeared with elegant sweaters, sweatshirts, and various types of special warm clothes for dogs that are member of BLACKPINK added a message:

I am Hank. Please take care of me in the future

The idol contained the report of Instagram @hank_says_hank, that’s the one official profile of his domestic animal Already an online celebrity, he has over 200,000 followers, and is only following his dedicated owner.

Rosé wrote a description for BLINK Get to know her brown and white puppy a little better: Hank was born this year and is a very healthy little animal, has registered a weight of 5 kilos, is a special breed, was adopted on 02-12-20 and has a very happy tail.

Lisa, rosé, Jisoo and Jennie joined the United Nations in promoting a campaign against climate change Idols from BLACKPINK released a powerful video message FLASH.

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