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“Mouse”: Lee Seung Gi faces a crisis when he goes hunting with Lee Hee Joon




"Mouse": Lee Seung Gi faces a crisis when he goes hunting with Lee Hee Joon

tvN’s upcoming drama “Mouse” (literal title) has released a new teaser!

“Mouse” is a mystery-thriller-drama set in a world where people can identify psychopaths by doing a DNA test on a fetus in the womb. The drama revolves around the question, “Would you have a child who knew it was a psychopath?”

Lee Seung Gi Stars like Jung Ba Reum, a high-ranking rookie cop who is a passionate believer in justice. In contrast, Lee Hee Joon Stars like Go Moo Chi, a die-hard detective whose parents were murdered at a young age and who is ready to resort to any means to avenge their deaths.

The teaser shows Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon together in a car while the following slogan goes by on the screen: “He chases people.” Lee Seung Gi looks tired and insecure, while Lee Hee Joon looks determined and without fear. There are also ominous footage of a man in a boxing ring and water flowing into a drain on the floor. At the end of the teaser, Lee Seung Gi winks at mysterious figures in the rain, one of whom turns away from him.

“Mouse” will premiere sometime in February. Check out the first teaser Here!

Check out Lee Seung Gi in “Hwayugi” Below!

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