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NCT Dream’s Jisung reportedly inactive after being injured




NCT Dream's Jisung reportedly inactive after being injured

NCT Dream’s Jisung suffered an injury that would prevent him from doing group activities. SM shared a statement.

The boys from NCT ended with the promotions of Resonance Pt. 1, the first major project of the K-pop groupcomposed of all members of NCT U, NCt Dream, NCT 127 and WayV in addition to two new newbies who have joined; but still, Jisung won’t be able to be with the guys because of Health problems.

The SM entertainment agency shared a publication in terms of the physical condition of Jisung, known as rapper and lead dancer for the subunit NCT dream. The group is preparing for the start of the second part of “Resonance”, However, the idol cannot be part of this version.

NCT zen decided to share different ones Support messages and love with the hashtag #GetWellSoonJisung, wish a speedy recovery Idol, who until recently was one of the youngest members of the project. The life of a Korean star is often not easy, especially for dancers who are exposed to various injuries.


According to a statement, he published SM, Jisung will not be in future activities from NCT 2020 Well it has Knee injury It appears that he is not allowed to perform promotions is a longstanding condition and he is currently undergoing treatment to make a satisfactory recovery.

Jisung injured his knee during the year, it could have been during rehearsals NCT Dream, who had a comeback with the single “Ridin ”, the idol Together with the company, they decided to stay away from promotions as they cannot make sudden movements. NCTzen regretted the news as he is known for his passion on stage and they think it will be difficult for him not to be able to dance for a while.

As of now it is not known how long he will be absent, but when you consider that NCT 2020 prepare “Resonance Pt2”, You could participate in group activities in other ways.

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