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Park Soo Young talks about Lizzy’s transition to her maiden name





In a recent interview and picture for @ star1 magazine Park Soo Young (formerly known as Lizzy) opened up to change her career path – and her name.

Follow her graduation from After School in 2018, Park Soo Young changed her name from Lizzy to Park Soo Ah for her acting career. Since then, she has decided to revert to her maiden name, Park Soo Young.

Park Soo Young explained her decision to use her first name: “Since I’ve switched courses and now advertising as an actress, I wanted to show my natural self exactly as I am.”

She also humbly talked about starting over as a budding actress, noting, “I’m ready to absorb anything like a sponge. In the future, I will show you many different sides of myself as an actress, so please look forward to it. ”

Park Soo Young further announced that she is currently working hard learning martial arts for an upcoming role. “I was hoping to be part of a meaningful project before my late twenties and eventually got the opportunity to be part of a martial arts project for my next role,” she said.

Park Soo Young mentioned that she trains for at least three hours each day, adding, “I work very hard to practice my weapon and sword fighting skills as much as I wish my physical endurance would allow me to practice more. You will soon see a new side of me. ”

Finally, Park shared with Soo Young that as she was preparing to turn 30 next year (by Korean estimates), she was trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and making sure to read the newspaper regularly .

“I’m really looking forward to being 30,” she noted. “Unlike my uncertain twenties, when I wiggled like a reed, I hope my thirties will be a time when everything stabilizes, both as an actress and as a person at Park Soo Young.”

Park Soo Young talks about Lizzy's transition to her maiden name

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