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“Please Don’t Date Him”: Lee Jun Young finally talks about his trauma of singing




Please don’t date him” Shared new stills before the next episode!

The MBC Every1 drama tells the story of Seo Ji Sung (Song ha yoon) Who Learns Secrets About Men To Avoid From Her AI Fridge And Jung Gook Hee (Lee Jun Young), a firefighter who is so far removed from technology that he feels completely at ease without a smartphone.


Previously, Seo Ji Sung and Jung Gook Hee had officially started dating on “Please don’t date him”, but their love life was far from perfect. She became restless when she realized she didn’t know much about her boyfriend, and he wasn’t entirely happy either because of his past trauma.

Then Jung Gook Hee, due to his appearance on the fire brigade calendar, outperformed the search for trend trends in real time. Jung Gook Hee disappeared without an explanation, causing Seo Ji Sung to feel great distress and fear. The next episode will finally reveal the secret of Jung Gook Hee.

In the new stills, Jung Gook Hee and Seo Ji Sung meet again and talk seriously about his past. Jung Gook Hee looks down in shame while Seo Ji Sung looks at him with a soft, worried expression. He will finally open up to her about his trauma and the audience will wonder if her love will heal his deep scars.

"Please Don't Date Him": Lee Jun Young finally talks about his trauma of singing

The “Please don’t date him” drama production team commented, “Jung Gook Hee’s past trauma will be revealed in episode 9, which airs today (Jan 5th). Viewers will finally find out why Jung Gook Hee hates being photographed and doesn’t like showing his face. You’ll also see why I said he shouldn’t be happy. This revelation will have a significant impact on the relationship between Jung Gook Hee and Seo Ji Sung. Please look forward to the truth of his past trauma and its roller coaster romance. “

The next episode of “Please Don’t Date Him” ​​will air January 5th at 10:40 pm KST.

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