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RM Shows Its Power by Exercising




RM Shows Its Power by Exercising

RM from BTS shared a video during exercise.

RM from BTS has shown ARMY his great physical shape while training for the music video of ON. During the recording you will see him running and doing push-ups with great dynamism.

Check out the following fan comments:

I am here in my bed before bed and watch Namjoon Ksual • ³ • xd run

This happened after Bight closed his GYMS

I don’t know that my friend is the president of my school’s English Literature Club. I’m seriously looking over bts My friend: who is the president of this club and tell me his date of birth? Ich: I am not interested. My friend: Who is the president of bts and says your date of birth? Me: Name: Kim Namjoon Date of birth: September 12th Place of birth: Seoul Color of his microphone: blue Height: 1.81 m etc. etc. etc. etc.

This is the fittest president the world has ever seen.

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @BANGTANTV

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