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RUN BTS! It was full of fun with T1 as guests




RUN BTS!  It was full of fun with T1 as guests

BTS and T1 teamed up in a competition where fun won. We tell you which games will test the skills of idols and gamers in RUN.

The boys from Bangtan sonyeondan know how to have fun, especially when the seven members of the Idol group they are reunited. This time they invited a group of players to take part in the activities that the staff prepared. We’ll tell you everything in the Episode number 114 from RUN BTS!

At the beginning of this video Hoseok introduced the special guests they were T1 a group of player highly recognized experts, but the idol It gave that moment a funny twist in saying the 5 guys were like that in the industry of Games.

The ice break with player that they had just met Jin motivated J-Hope to show the guests what he had prepared, then the idol He circled towards her pretending to be on strike. They revealed that it was an imitation of Garen, the character from League of Legends.

The games where BTS and T1 showed their skills

The fun started and to do that competition, the Idols and the player They have been split up to form two new teams named A and B. As a result, they had to face various challenges like games of skill, elimination and even singing.

For the last stage, both groups played songs where the B surprises when singing Boy with luv and interpreted his opponents idol.

In the round of skill and coordination, Jungkook eliminated Suga Although he was a member of his team, he said it was to give others a little edge. The dances of Hoseok animated each of the Games while his team was participating, but also while observing the opponents.

We told you that recently Jungkook and his abs made a guest appearance on the David Letterman Show in Netflix Find out the details.

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