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“Run On” and some unexpected encounters




New still images were released before the next episode of “Run On”!

“Run On” tells the story of people who try to connect with each other in their own language after living in different worlds and taking different steps. In the siwan Stars like Ki Sun Kyum, a former track and field athlete who is retiring after a life changing event Shin se kyung plays Oh Mi Joo, an adventurous foreign film translator. SooyoungThe character is Seo Dan, and Ah, an ambitious CEO of a sports agency Kang Tae Oh is an art student Lee Young Hwa.

In the first row of still images, Ki Sun Kyum and Oh Mi Joo meet Ki Sun Kyum’s parents Yook Ji Woo (Cha Hwa Yeon) and Ki Jung Do (Park Young Kyu). Oh Mi Joo seems very excited to meet Yook Ji Woo, a top actress she is a huge fan of.

Meanwhile, Ki Jung Do has a stern expression on his face when he sees his son and Oh Mi Joo and arouses curiosity about how he will react to the situation. Previously, he secretly gave Mi Joo money to keep an eye on Sun Kyum and report back to him. Mi Joo didn’t do the job and gave the money back, which he didn’t like.

"Run On" and some unexpected encounters

Other images provide a glimpse of Seo Dan Ah visiting Lee Young Hwa on his college campus. Contrary to her usual cold personality, Dan Ah seems to really smile.

The drama production team commented, “The time we spend together on campus today will be a starting point for the Dan-Hwa couple opening to one another.”

"Run On" and some unexpected encounters

Episode 7 of “Run On” will air January 6 at 9:00 p.m. KST.

Watch while waiting in the Siwan in “The king loves“:

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