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“Run On”: Im Si Wan and Shin Se Kyung have a meeting




"Run On": Im Si Wan and Shin Se Kyung have a meeting

JTBC revealed that pendant of your next new one theatre Run On, prepared by In Si Wan Y. Shin se kyung.

The plot of Run On focuses on the lives of Gi Sun Gyeom (Im Si Wan), a promising runner who works as a sports agent due to an unfortunate incident, and Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung), an optimistic subtitle translator for films.

The first trailer that JTBC revealed Run ON It starts with Sun Gyeom walking around in the sun while Mi Joo works on a laptop. Im Si Wan’s voice is later heard saying, “Gi Sun Gyeom, a national runner who had to run while just looking ahead.” Then Shin Se Kyung says, “Oh Mi Joo film translator, you always have to look back.” Shin Se Kyung continues: “With different languages” and Im Si Wan finishes the sentence: “At different speeds a romance between the two will blossom.”

Then Mi Joo is waiting for Sun Gyeom. When he arrives he says, “What are you doing?” She replies: “I’ve been working.” Then Sun asks Gyeom about the translation she’s immersed in, she lays her head on his shoulder and replies: “He says we’re going to see the premiere of Run On In December”.

Check out the trailer below:

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Besides Im Si Wan and Shin Se Kyung, they are also part of the distribution from the drama Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh from Girls’ Generation.

The premiere of Run On, directed by Lee Jae Hoon and written by Park Shi Hyun, is scheduled for December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays upon completion of Private life.

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