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“Run On”: Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung become entangled in fate




"Run On": Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung become entangled in fate

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Run On” has shared another teaser to add to the excitement for its premiere!

“Run On” is a romance about people who try to connect with each other through their own languages ​​after living in their individual worlds. The following is the story of the former athlete Ki Sun Kyum (Im siwan), who is retiring and becoming a sports agent after a life changing event, and Oh Mi Joo (Shin se kyung), a film translator.

Girls Generation Sooyoung Stars like Seo Dan Ah, an ambitious sports agency CEO who believes the only way to fail is by not trying at all. Kang Tae Oh plays Lee Young Hwa, a popular art student who is handsome, kind, and charming.

The “Run On” clip begins by introducing Ki Sun Kyum as “the only famous runner-up in a country that only remembers the first-placed”. With a defeated voice, Ki Sun Kyum quips: “I want to be first too.”

On the other hand, the teaser suggests that Oh Mi Joo is someone who doesn’t hold back. When a drunk man throws her water on his face, she pours a whole bottle of water on his head. With an expression of anger and disbelief on her face, she yells, “What the hell have I done that makes you insult me ​​like that?”

The two characters intersect several times, which leads Oh Mi Joo to wonder why he keeps saving her. Finally, Ki Sun Kyum finds out about her job and says in a slightly disturbed voice: “You said you were pretty unemployed, but you were an interpreter.” Oh Mi Joo discovers a huge advertisement from him and exclaims: “Oh my God. Was he a model? Damn it. So it wasn’t for sale. ”

It seems like Oh Mi Joo Ki will become Sun Kyum’s interpreter, which will trigger all sorts of fateful events for her. The clip ends with Oh Mi Joo asking someone: “Do you believe in fate? Because I believe in it when he looks good. ”

Premiere of “Run On” on December 16 at 9pm KST.

Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung in “Bride of the water god“:

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