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Running Girls share best wishes for Chungha while she recovers




“Running Girls” caused a stir at its premiere with a press conference on December 8th!

“Running Girls” is a new Mnet Reality program where female K-Pop idols in their twenties become a running crew to find beautiful natural running courses in South Korea. It plays the main role Sunmi, Chungha, EXIDs Hani, Oh my girl‘s YooA, and LOONAis Chuu. Chungha was unable to attend the press conference like her diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 7th.

Sunmi said, “Chungha is a little sick, so she couldn’t come to us today. We will work hard and make up for your absence. “Hani shared,” Chungha kept saying she was sorry. Chungha, I’m not sorry. I hope you get well soon. Just focus on your health. ”

YooA described the “Running Girls” crew as family. “They are all such precious, beautiful, and cool people,” she said. The youngest member, Chuu, who is supposed to be responsible for making others smile, said, “I think I have many precious memories. I was really grateful. “She added,” Chungha, I love you. ”

Running Girls share best wishes for Chungha while she recovers

Sunmi commented that she inadvertently took on the role of the group’s “mother” during filming. “However, after filming I had a slightly heavier heart than expected,” she continued. “I thought the atmosphere was mostly about 20 year olds coming together and just having fun and eating delicious things.”

“When I got there, I realized why the production team had brought the five of us together,” Sunmi continued. “All five of us were very serious about everything.” She shared that she thought a lot about how to give the other members a boost and what role she could play in making them more comfortable while filming.

“I’ve become the ‘mother’ since I started cooking, and Hani takes on the role of the ‘father’,” said Sunmi. “The atmosphere when we first shot was great so I enjoyed it.”

When asked if there was any difficulty, Sunmi said that running was a little strenuous due to problems with her right knee. “I didn’t mean to say anything, but when we were doing our last run my knee popped out,” she said. “Fortunately, we didn’t sprint on ‘Running Girls’ from start to finish so I could finish at my own pace.”

Hani shared that she had already loved running. When she got the offer to be on the show, she said it was going to be really great. “SW [at the meeting] I also shared ideas and explained what I had felt while running and how I wanted to share that. However, I think that now I am gaining something bigger and bigger than running. ”

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YooA commented that although she has a lot of friends to express her feelings with, she wanted to be on the show to make more friends. “I attended while feeling excited about wondering who could become a valuable friend to me,” said YooA. She also shared that she tends to just lie around at home with no hobbies, so she wanted to run her new hobby through the show. Another goal of YooA was to keep fit by running.

Chuu said she hoped to meet senior citizens and older friends whom she could ask for advice about life. She shared that she ended up meeting a new family.

The premiere of “Running Girls” will take place on December 9th at 7:50 pm KST.

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