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SEVENTEEN Beat “Music Bank” with “HOME; RUN”




SEVENTEEN Beat "Music Bank" with "HOME; RUN"

SEVENTEEN has won Music bench of KBS With HOME RUN.

Translation of “Home; Run” by SEVENTEEN + Korean texts and romanization

SEVENTEEN got the win in the program Music bench With HOME RUN. With 10,171 points they beat dynamite from BTS.

Check out the following fan comments:

Congratulations SVT!

In addition, SVT goes against BTS, Soobin who distributes the prize and TXT who trades. The BigHit Labels family was strong this episode 😌👑

They said “Big Tag Family” and not great entertainment … even if people want to see them as a family, they can! I don’t see any problem with it, something like that shouldn’t be discussed at all. So let her be

Like an army council, I am very happy: ‘)) because seventeen have won their third victory and Dynamite has been nominated for two consecutive months

NCTzens lets NCT win from home next time! (no offense to svt) 💚💚💚

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @KBSWorldTV

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