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SHINee Taemin inspires fans with video for “IDEA”




SHINee Taemin inspires fans with video for "IDEA"

SHINees Taemin released the music video for IDEA.

SHINees Taemin showed the video of IDEA, the title track of the second part of their third album Never Dance Again: Act 2. Inspired by Platonic idealism, the song composed by James Foye III, Austin Owens, Jimmy Claeson, Adrian McKinnon and Tay Jaspe describes the process of finding the true self.

Check out the following fan comments:

This song is on another level, TAEMIN THE KING. You are special Lee TaeminThey never disappoint and always manage to show and express themselves. YOU ARE ART

There are no “bad songs” in Taemin’s vocabulary. This song is a blast, as always the king. The idol of the idol.

Taemin It has to have its own concept because everything that is produced is so fantastically artistic, man, I can’t stand it.

Since no one talks about her voice, I will: I’m in love with her tone, her voice is so soft and sensual. I am totally hypnotized by Taemin.

We agree this is perfect, great, the best? I can’t stop enjoying this TAEMIN very well

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @ SMTOWN

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