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“Sing Again”: Kyuhyun, Sunmi, Song Mino and Lee Hae Ri share their thoughts on judging the new competition show





Sing Again junior judges shared their thoughts on assuming their roles as well as key points to look out for on the show!

“Sing Again” is a “restart” program that gives unknown or forgotten singers another chance to take the stage and show off their skills in front of the public. It is directed and hosted by the producers of “Sugar Man” Lee Seung Gi.

The dream team of judges includes the senior committee Yoo Hee Yeol, Lee Sun Hee, Jeon In Kwon, and Kim Ea Na and the junior committee Song Mino from WINNER, Kyuhyun from Super junior, Sunmiand Lee Hae Ri from Davichi.

Sunmi said, “It is an honor that my name is included in the formation of this powerful group of judges,” and vowed to do their best. Lee Hae Ri said, “This is my first time assessing auditions so I’m very excited and nervous. I will feel responsible when I take on the role. ”

Kyuhyun, who made his debut with Super Junior in 2006, stated, “I am already the junior judge with the most years of experience.” He said: “As a representative of the juniors, I will ensure that the juniors do not lose their nerve among the high-ranking judges and can speak up.”

When asked what the difference between them and the seniors with their experience and longer careers, Song Mino stated that he felt that the juniors could better understand and share information about today’s rapidly changing trends.

Each judge also spoke about their own evaluation criteria. Lee Hae Ri said, “Since I am a singer, I will probably focus a large part of my attention on your ability to convey the song.”

Sunmi and Song Mino said they may think more about whether participants can rule the stage with their performances. Kyuhyun stated, “Your singing skills are important, but I think I will see if they can touch the hearts of the audience.”

Song Mino has personal experience with competitive shows as he was runner-up on “Show Me the Money 4”. When asked to provide tips to attendees, Song Mino said the most important thing about the show was to focus on each performance.

“Everyone is probably going to be very nervous, but since they’ve practiced so hard to get to that point, I think that if they believe in themselves and focus, they can captivate audiences with their performance,” said Song Mino.

"Sing Again": Kyuhyun, Sunmi, Song Mino and Lee Hae Ri share their thoughts on judging the new competition show

The junior judges were asked to describe the main points of the show. Kyuhyun said, “’Sing Again’ differs from other audition shows in that the participants have already debuted once. Your singing skills will of course be great and you can hear the unique music stories of each participant. ”

Sunmi added, “The (Sing Again) judges all have different specialties, characters and styles, and you should be mindful of our chemistry too.”

“Sing Again” also recently shared a preview for the first episode! It starts with the participants introducing themselves and the singers describing themselves as ex-idols, music actors, heavy metal musicians, indie and trotting singers, and more. Some even say they met songs or participated in famous drama OSTs.

The teaser shows how the judges are surprised by many of the participants they recognized. Lee Hae Ri says, “I once covered this person’s song on television.” The captions explain that there are many different reasons why people chose to attend the show, and some of the attendees came because the audience only knows their music, not themselves.

Lee Seung Gi explains that all participants on the show will compete by number, not by name. The video shows a preview of the passionate performances of the singers.

Get a look at “Sing Again” below!

“Sing Again” premieres on November 16 at 10:30 pm KST on JTBC.

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