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Super Junior is celebrating its 15th anniversary with messages of thanks and love




Super Junior is celebrating its 15th anniversary with messages of thanks and love

Super junior celebrated a big milestone with their ELF fans!

The group made their debut on November 6, 2005 and became one of the pioneers of Korean wave around the world. On November 6th of this year they celebrated their anniversary with the release of their pre-release single “The melody” Before their 10th full album coming out in December.

To celebrate the big day, the group’s official account posted a video that looked back on their hits from the past few years.

Many of the members have also reached out on social media to express their thanks and thoughts on their anniversary.

Leader Leeteuk wrote on Instagram: “Something really unbelievable happened. We took 15 years. We survived. That day came because we clenched our teeth, held out and not given up. ”

He shared that Super Junior has been through a lot and worked hard and will continue to do so, and he encouraged fans to keep going with them. He continued, “It’s scary, isn’t it? Nobody predicted that our team would be this strong on our 15th anniversary, right? So I’ll guide us further. Even after we die, we’re going to do a ‘super show’ tour in heaven. ”

“We’ll keep going,” he said. “Just enjoy it today. You worked hard. Our members, fans and employees, I respect you and I love you.”

Eunhyuk wrote, “It’s our 15th anniversary … We have had so many memories that it would be difficult to look back at them all. When I think about how the group of us who wanted to achieve our debut goal could walk together for so long, it brings back the image of our soft hearted, pure and unconstrained selves and I get a lump in my throat and feel like I’m about to be cry. ”

He thanked her agency, her staff, his beloved members, and the fans of ELF for making the time they spent together possible. “I will take it step by step, encouraged by your support,” he said. “We are Super Junior.”

Yesung shared the anniversary video, writing, “Nov. Anniversary. #ELEVEN. “He also posted throwback photos from her Twins promotions in 2005 and many other memories on his Instagram stories.

Shindong wrote, “Oh my … I can’t believe it’s 15 years.”

Donghae wrote, “15 years have passed. It is thanks to ELF that we have been doing advertising for a long time, so thank you. I love you, ELF ”

Donghae shared a picture from SM Entertainment wishing the group a happy anniversary and wrote in the headline: “SJ is now 15 years old.”

Kim Heechul wrote: “Our members, ELF, SM, the many employees who have been with us for 15 years. Thank you very much. #Super junior. ”

Choi Siwon wrote in Korean: “Our 15th anniversary has come. Should we hold hands and walk together?”

Congratulations, Super Junior!

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