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T-ara Soyeon explains why she leaves “Miss Back” after only 4 episodes




T-ara Soyeon explains why she leaves "Miss Back" after only 4 episodes

T-aras Soyeon has decided to step down from MBN’s “Miss Back”.

As a mixture of documentary and variety, “Miss Back” follows a group of “forgotten” singers who are hoping for a second chance of success. The cast includes Gayoung from STELLAR, Nada from Wassup, Raina from After School, Sera from 9MUSES, Soyul from Crayon Pop, Subin (Dalsooobin) from Dal Shabet and Jung Yujin from The Ark. At the head of the show is veteran singer Baek Ji Young, who acts as the producer and life mentor of the younger singers.

In the wake of the October 29 program, Soyeon announced that she would be leaving the show early. “After a long discussion with the producers and my agency, I decided to say goodbye,” she said [to the show] and leave things with a goodbye. ”

Explaining her decision to step down after just four episodes, the singer recalled, “On the first day of shooting, I met the colleagues I would work with on the show and I was so happy and excited to see them again after so long. That’s how we started filming. ”

“Of course, I’ve had my own pain and emotional wounds throughout my career,” Soyeon continued, “but I found that the others were in pain and sustained wounds that I could never have imagined. I have learned that these younger women are going through great difficulties and I did not want to compete with them and take away this opportunity when they are struggling. ”

She continued, “Even though I said goodbye first, I hope that you will continue to cheer on Sera and the younger sisters – all seven – who will find the song of their lives through ‘Miss Back’. Please root for them and applaud them until the end. ”

T-ara Soyeon explains why she leaves "Miss Back" after only 4 episodesT-ara Soyeon explains why she leaves "Miss Back" after only 4 episodes

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