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TEST: How compatible are you with Felix from Stray Kids?




TEST: How compatible are you with Felix from Stray Kids?

Your personality will be key in determining if you and Felix from Stray Kids are compatible. Answer this test to find out.

Thanks to the way the world of K-pop, Fans of groups Idols You can get to know the personality of each member better. This way everyone chooses their prejudice, but you do personality might indicate that you are compatible with someone else. If you are a fan of Felix Y. SKZ you can’t miss that perhaps.

Your compatibility with a idol It doesn’t always go hand in hand with those who are your favorites, but you can be lucky that both of these points coincide.

Felix is one of the foreign members of Stray children and it brought big surprises to fans even before its debut. His talents are limitless and always go hand in hand with his pleasant way of being with his teammates and fans.

Dare to find out if it would be you compatible with this idol Revealing some details of your way of being in it exam.

Select the answer you prefer in each of the following questions, write down your score and add it to identify the result that suits you.

Your compatibility with Felix from SKZ according to your personality

1. Which activities do you prefer in your free time?

  • Sports (10)
  • To do something with art (40)
  • I like being at home and resting (30)
  • Learn new things (20)

2. People often say that you …

  • Adorable (10)
  • Shy (20)
  • Creative (30)
  • Very Serious (40)

3. How should you express your feelings?

  • I find it easy to explain how I feel (30)
  • Sometimes I find it hard to hide my feelings (20)
  • I reflect on how I feel from my activities without saying it (10)
  • I am very bad at putting my feelings into words (40)

4. How would you define your look?

  • Diverse (10)
  • Serious (40)
  • Always in fashion (20)
  • Easy (30)

5. In your group of friends you are …

  • The one who suggests ideas (40)
  • The one who makes the final decisions (30)
  • The reflective (10)
  • The creative (20)

6. What do you often want to change in your picture?

  • The style of clothing I wear (30)
  • The color of my hair (10)
  • My accessories (20)
  • Nothing, I’m not a fan of sudden changes (40)

7. What is one of your characteristics that not everyone knows?

  • I am very supportive (10)
  • I get angry easily (40)
  • I often feel shy (30)
  • I like order and perfection (20)

70-100 points

Your answers to that exam from Stray children indicate that you are total compatible With Felix Depending on the connection you make with this idol, they could be very good friends or even something else.

130-140 points

Your personality has a high percentage of compatibility With Felix However, circumstances can play for or against your association with it idol.

150-280 points

Your answers indicate that you would not get high compatibility With Felix Even so, your connection may be made unexpectedly.

We invite you to know some ideas to create new ones looks inspired by the style of Felix from SKZ.

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